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Today, internet privacy has been something you have to fight for on your own. This leads to a feeling that you need to be a privacy expert to attain any privacy online. Vael helps all Californians begin to take control of their privacy in a way that is simple and understandable to them. AUTHORIZED AGENT PART HERE FOR CONSUMERS AND HELPING BUSINESSES MONITOR AND FULFILL CCPA REQUESTS HERE.

How Vael Helps Consumers

You are only required to input the necessary identifying information so that Vael may complete requests on your behalf. This information is used expressly to provide you with this service and is will not be stored or used for any other purpose.

When you choose Vael as your authorized agent we will act solely in your best interest to facilitate your requests to know, delete, and opt-out of sale all for FREE.

CCPA requires that companies respond to requests within 45 days, with a maximum of 90 days to respond if necessary. Vael follows up with you at these marks to confirm companies have satisfied your CCPA requests.

With Vael you are not the product. Vael enables those who know the importance of privacy, to purchase a service that helps them start taking contorl of thier data and begin adding value to their lives.

Yo! privacy is DOPE!

- The Private One

How Vael Helps Businesses

Easily manage and monitor your incoming CCPA requests.

Create a secure link between businesses and consumers to effectivly disclose information from requests to know.

Vael verifies the identity of every consumer. Thus, eliminating the risk of your company processing fraudulent CCPA requests.

For companies wishing to retain consumer data, Vael offers an interface to provide financial incentive to users.

Vael is chill!

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